We are a team of professionals in Architectural & Engineering Designs as well as Construction Management Services of the Built Environment

Our company is one of the certified companies in the construction sector for
ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System for its consultancy services in the area of
Architectural, Structural and Electrical Designs as well as Contract administration works related to building construction.

Services we Offer

Design of Buildings of Various Kinds

Design Programming and Feasibility Study

Specialty Designs such as Acoustics and Air Conditioning

Urban & Neighborhood Design

Interior and Furniture Design

Construction Management, Site Supervision & Contract Administration

Renovation Works

Landscape Design

Design Critic and Evaluation

About Us

BET architects plc. has been established in March 2003 with two highly experienced architect partners. The name "BET" has a double connotation. On the one hand it is an abbreviation which stands for Build Environment Technology, indicating that BETs scope of service encompasses and deals with the whole built environment instead of just dealing with buildings. On the other hand the word 'BET' means "house" in Amharic language. It is also a word that serves as a prefix or suffices to indicate building types. For examples 'Timihrt Bet' (School) 'Hakim Bet' (Hospital), 'Mesria Bet' (Office), 'Menoriya Bet' (Residence), 'Bete Christian' (Church), 'Bete Mengist' (Palace), etc.

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Coreporate Objectives

Ensuring Progressive Excellence:


Superior client satisfaction,

Personal and corporate success/growth and

Fulfillment of local/world class professional standards


High quality,

Time responsive and

Cost effective Design & Construction Management services


Attitudinal transformation,

Sustained application & continual improvement of our Quality Management System and

Up-to-date technical capacity building of our staff.

Showcasing Our
Recent Work

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