We are an Awesome Team of Architects & Engineers

For us , design is not only a means to embody current context and culture but also a means to create and transform culture for a better and enhanced life experience.


Company Profile.

BET architects plc. has been established in March 2003 with two highly experienced architect partners. The name "BET" has a double connotation. On the one hand it is an abbreviation which stands for Build Environment Technology, indicating that BETs scope of service encompasses and deals with the whole built environment instead of just dealing with buildings. On the other hand the word 'BET' means "house" in Amharic language. It is also a word that serves as a prefix or suffices to indicate building types. For examples 'Timihrt Bet' (School) 'Hakim Bet' (Hospital), 'Mesria Bet' (Office), 'Menoriya Bet' (Residence), 'Bete Christian' (Church), 'Bete Mengist' (Palace), etc.

The company has been established with a vision of attaining a context based excellence in the build environment. Currently organized with a team of well qualified and highly experienced professionals such as professional architects and planners, professional engineers, construction management professionals and supporting staffs BET architects is one of the leading consulting firms in Ethiopia.

Since its establishment, BET has been engaged in the design as well as construction management of different types of building and urban design projects, such as residential buildings and neighborhoods, office buildings, mixed use buildings, hotels including resorts, commercial buildings, health care facilities, educational facilities, factories , multi- propose halls, real-estate developments, and cost efficient government housing projects, landscape design projects, etc. Our Company works with well established international firms as well as well experienced local sub-consultants for structural and other service engineering works, aiming to provide quality professional services.

Our company is certified for ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System since 2010 which ensures the effectiveness, efficiency as well as continual improvement of our processes and outputs.

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Company Mission.

BET architects will deliver excellent and context based consultancy service in Design and Construction Management to both its local and global clients through its competent staff, state of the art technologies and quality systems.



By attaining these core values :



  • Excellence
  • Systems Thinking
  • Transformation
  • Holistic-ness
  • Balance
  • Integrity
  • Sustainability


Company Vision.

Attaining EXCELLENCE in Built Environment Technology (B E T)



Our Formula for Excellence is:


Excellence = Attitude + System + Knowledge (ASK)


Why choose us ?


  • Because BET is an organized office running with a Vision 'Building Excellence in the build environment' for the last 14 years.

  • Because BET has established and is working with a Quality Management System (based on ISO 9001:2008) for quality assurance since the last 6 years.

  • Because BET has won several design competitions and handled high profile office building projects which include: New HQ for Ethiopian Airlines, New HQ for Ethio-telicom, New HQ for Niyala Insurance S.Co. and many more.

  • Because BET will be the best candidate to implement high  quality, energy efficient, climate responsive building utilizing and converting methodological/climatic data in to a useful resource in a building industry.

  • Because the two founding and senior architects of BET were former lecturers in AAU, technology faculty-dept of Architecture and urban planning (EiABC) For about two decades, side by side to their practice thus having valuable experience integrating the academic knowledge with practice. and are currently handling many in-house and scheduled trainings to the industry.

  • Because BET has developed its capacity to the international standard by working with several International consultants and partners such as Tetratech-An American company, Soehne and Partner Architects-Austria, Treurinet Architectuure- Nederlands etc which helpted to a great extent for benchmarking & know-how exchange.

  • Because founders of BET, besides the usual practice, have been actively participating in professional associations to identify core problems of the industry and contribute in addressing the construction industry problems.

  • Because BET believes and works to create a context based architecture that fits to both the specific needs of the client as well as the specific project site. BET also believes in highly engaging the client in the design process and in working and developing designs as a team thus ensuring holistic and matured output.

  • Because one of our senior staff and co-founder of BET has been researching and teaching in Addis Ababa University-Technology Faculty-Architecture and Urban planning department (Current EiABC) on building climatology emphasizing the passive approach of maintaining comfort, towards creating comfortable, energy efficient and 'Green' Building solutions since 1992 till 2014.


BET is its people, an amazing array of talent. We take clients' goals and need for strategic design and seamless delivery seriously, connecting our entire team to leverage its creativity, knowledge and experience.



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Our Achievement


Feb , 2011

Hawassa University Awada Campus

The Awada campus project in Yirgalem is an expansion of Hawassa University acquired by winning a design competition managed by AEA,


Ethiopian Airlines Headquarters

The Ethiopian Airlines Headquarters competition project was held in 2011 in collaboration with Soehne & Partner Architects based in Vienna, Austria

July , 2011


Jan, 2011

 Wolkite General Hospital

Wolkite General Hospital was a competition wining project with 210 beds, 21,000 sq meter area


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