The landscape design was done with the concern of controlling, beatifying and enhancing the external spaces between campus buildings to create a conducive teaching-learning environment in the mean time changing the campus to be environmentally friendly. The design was done by creating two poles in the campus, the Northern pole focused on the specific area found between the new library and student complex (Student Zone) and the other in the southern area  around staff office and cafeteria (Administration zone). The two zones are marked with fountains and connected with vehicular, pedestrian and Bicycle ways, articulated with trees, loans, seating spaces and landscape furniture there by creating a campus axis as a reference for mobility and interaction. A second phase was also added later as awing from Southern zone extending to students dormitory zone together covering a total area of 36,512m2. The landscape design included clearing and earth work, storm water drainage, waste management, planting and plant watering, compound lighting and walk ways. The landscape and gardening contractor was FLORA Agricultural Estate Plc and completed in January 2015.