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We recognize design as an integrated multi-disciplinary process that involve a variety of professionals where the architect plays a central role in coordinating and leading the whole process. We believe that involving the client in all the critical stages of the design process will contribute a lot to ensure superior client satisfaction.

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The following are our wide areas of involvement :

   Design Programming and Feasibility Study

Design programming can be defined as the research and decision-making process that identifies the scope of work to be designed. In general, programming is considered to be the responsibility of the client/owner. However  the client/owner may not have the expertise to develop the program, in which case he may require our design programming service. The programming  process that we follow to define the client requirements include conducting research on the project type, establishing goals and objectives of the project, gathering relevant information to determine quantitative and quantitative requirements and summarizing the above process outputs as a schedule of accommodation and Terms of Reference for the project.  These documents will later be part of the client-consultant contract document prepared for design services.
We also offer the service of conducting a feasibility study which involves an analysis of the viability of an idea or a project. The feasibility study focuses on helping answer the essential question of “should we proceed with the proposed project idea?” All activities of the study are directed toward helping answer this question. Feasibility study is  an analysis of how successfully a project can be completed, accounting for factors that affect it such as financial, socio-economic, technological, legal, environmental, etc.



Design of Buildings of Various Kinds



We provide architectural and engineering design services for various kinds of buildings such as residential, mixed use, health, education, etc. We ensure that the designs we produce are context based fulfilling functional/performance requirements, durable and cost effective and aesthetically pleasing. We work as a team coordinating highly qualified professionals as well as engaging the client in the design process to ensure superior client satisfaction.



  Interior and Furniture Design



We design interior spaces  to enhance their intended use through appropriate selection and application of visual and tactile design elements such as color, lighting, texture, furniture, etc in such a way that these elements fit with the tastes and style choices of the client and target users.



Specialty Designs such as HVAC and Acoustics




The term HVAC refers to the three disciplines of Heating, Ventilating, and Air-Conditioning. We intend to provide optimum design service in this regard by combining passive and active design aspects that respond to specific climatic conditions exploiting the natural systems.
We also offer building acoustics design service which includes the protection of external noise, the minimization of noise transmission from one space to another, and room acoustics design for medium to large halls dealing with the control of the characteristics of sound within spaces themselves to create pleasant acoustic environment for proper production, transmission and reception by audience.




  Urban Design & Neighborhood Design

Our design service is not limited to the design of individual buildings. We deliver urban design service which deals with the design of group of buildings and spaces, a scale level that bridges architecture and city planning. We deal with the relationships between buildings and the streets, squares, parks and other spaces which make up the public realm.  Through the collaborative and multi-disciplinary processes of urban design we engage in place making, where place is not just a specific space, but all the activities and events that it makes possible.
We are also engaged in the design of housing neighborhoods. We design neighborhoods that have a variety and mix of land use consisting of the necessary facilities for the residents including their infrastructure /Utility. We strive to achieve optimal density balancing built-up areas and open spaces. We also create a layout with efficient connections that gives residents and other users convenient and pleasant routes to get to destinations.



Landscape Design



Through the service of landscape design we arrange and modify the features of exterior spaces such as landform, vertical and horizontal landscape structures, water, vegetation, walkways, seating places, etc. to create good, pleasing and useful outdoor spaces.  By engaging in 'hardscape' and 'softscape' design of an exterior  space we create  exciting and engaging outdoor play and entertainment area for users, a serene and shady spaces for enjoyment, a harmonized and aesthetically pleasing figure-ground relationship between built-up and open spaces, etc



  Renovation Works 





This service includes all aspects of property improvements, alterations as well as partial or complete renovations. Tasks may include the remodeling of an existing building interior/exterior or adding extensions to an existing structure so that it will be functionally and aesthetically fit for the intended purpose.



Design Critic and Evaluation




This service is offered when a client has already hired a consultant to design the intended project but seeks the opinion of other designers/consultants as a feedback for the design outputs. In such cases our service will be evaluating the performance and/or effectiveness of the design outputs in relation to issues such as fulfillment of regulatory requirements, appropriateness of contextual response, accessibility, aesthetics, functionality, cost-effectiveness, safety and security, sustainability, etc in line with acceptable standards. The design critique or evaluation may be conducted at different stages of the design process such as schematic, preliminary or final design. In the process we will ask the right questions give valuable inputs to ensure that the client gets an optimum design solution.


   Construction Management, Site Supervision & Contract Administration




The main elements of these services include selection of a construction contractor through the preparation of National or International competitive bid documents, the evaluation of contractor's proposal to select the most responsive bidder and the preparation of construction contract documents. The services also include construction supervision and contract administration engagements by our firm during the implementation process of the project to ensure that the project is implemented with high quality as well as  within the completion time and budget frame work set in the contract documents.

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